First Time Breastfeeder Tips

When I decided I would try and breastfeed our daughter I had no idea what I was letting myself in for. I didnt know very much about breastfeeding nor did I learn very much in any prenatal classes I attended. Nobody in my family ever breastfed nor any of my friends. So anything I have learnt along the way has been basically self taught and literally from just trusting my maternal instints and letting my baby lead the way. From the moment Noa was born she latched on and made it very easy for me to feed her. Dont get me wrong breastfeeding in the first couple of weeks is an adjustment, (that is for another blog) There are some basics i wish i had known before i decided to breastfeed and what to expect so i just wanted to write a blog for women like me who want to know the basics, if they are thinking of nursing their baby when they arrive!

As soon as baby is born
Skin to skin contact is so important at this point. For baby and for mommy. Cherish this amazing moment!! After all you have waited almost 10 months for it! So put baby just lying on your chest under your nightgown or under a sheet or anyway that is comfortable for you for at least an hour, or until baby feeds for the first time. And trust your baby, she'll know what to do! If baby doesn't feed in the first hour then continue skin to skin for the next 6 hours!

6 hours
If nursed after labour your baby should feed again around this time. If not, carry on skin to skin.

Within 12 hours
If baby still has not fed you can try hand express some colostrum and give her droplets every 3 hours.

Within 24 hours 
Baby should have fed 3 times at this point! Also 1/2 wet and 1/2 poo nappies!  

3-4 days 
Your milk should come in at this point! Watch out for engorgement now! Hand express a little for relief if nessasary but don't pump! And feed feed feed!!!

Babys poo should be yellow/mustard consistency at this point!

By this point you should really have built up your supply by feeding on demand as mature milk is now starting to be made at the two week mark!

By all means there is so much more, and more blogs to come about it! But, I would have loved to have read just the bare bones of it, a general idea of what I can expect! My greatest tip for those first few weeks (and beyond) is DRINK WATER litres of it! Every time you feed get a glass of water! Breastfeeding is really thirsty work!!
So pass this on to expectant mums or mums who are thinking will I/won't I?! 
Laura x