My interesting facts about breastfeeding..

Whether you are pro breastfeeding or anti breastfeeding it always remains the same- how much do you actually even know about it?
I am hugely pro breastfeeding and my opinions are my own. But still I felt in the maternity hospital that I went to I was never told anything about breastfeeding a quick "do you plan on breastfeeding?" At your first apt but that's it. If the answers yes, like it was for me there was no ok well here are dates of classes to learn or if the answer was no, there was no question of well why and what are your restrictions. Nutritionally breast milk is best for a newborn baby- there is no argument. So I think it should be encouraged more than it is in maternity hospitals. Everything I learned was self thought or from my beautiful sister in law. And 11 months ebf has also taught me tons. 
Here are a few interesting facts I didn't know about breastfeeding and I think everyone should know! 

Thanks for reading ladies,
lots of love,