Things you should never say to a pregnant woman!

Was it planned? 
Now regardless of if she has been trying for years or got drunk and missed her pill- really this is none of your business. She is telling you because she is excited and wants everyone to be excited too! A more appropriate thing to say is plain and simple... Congratulations.. 

Will this be your last? 
Wow- not sure I've even discussed that with my husband yet!!!! 

Your bump is tiny! 
Regardless of a woman's weight, it's not something we appreciate you commenting on. And pregnancy is no exception. For a woman that is small like me and very conscious of trying to put on weight I don't want to hear about how small I look and as for a woman who has more weight and perhaps is not showing at all, the same rules apply.. When you say wow your so tiny, you may mean it as a compliment- all I hear is wow is baby okay?!
If you want to compliment a pregnant just tell her she looks amazing- that'll do the trick! 

Can I rub your belly? 
NO.... Just no!!

Are you hoping for a girl/boy?? 
She has two boys already so already every second person has said "you're hoping for a girl?" 
Maybe not!!! I know when I was pregnant second time around I would have loved another little boy for a brother for my son.

You shouldn't drink/eat that.....
Again, just walk away slowly......
I have been sick for 25 weeks straight, breakfast, lunch and dinner. If I can now finally stomach my beloved latte again then that is exactly what I am going to have. 

You know you're really pregnant for 10months? 
You know that's actually really annoying when people remind me!!!