Packing my hospital bag.....

Hi ladies,
I can't believe the time has come to write this blog post but this week was spending packing my hospital bag!!! 
I am 35weeks pregnant now and thought it best to get packing, especially with two little ones already at home! Better safe than sorry! 

My bag: 
The weightless cabin size suitcase I used for Noa and was just the right size. Small compact and exactly what I needed! My biggest advice is to not bring too much. You don't need it, and with everyone bringing in bits for you and baby anyway you go home feeling like you've stayed for two weeks!! 

The essentials- 
2nightgowns- these I picked up from penneys. I had the exact same with Noa design wise and they were perfect. Short sleeved so youre not too hot but cotton and heavy enough that they're not too flimsey. Buttons down the front for nursing too which is perfect! 

Dressing gown- again from penneys and actually I am just using the same one I brought on Noa Belle. 

I also picked up this maternity nightgown from primarks new maternity range! It has clips for nursing and will be perfect! At only €12 you literally can't go wrong!! 

Nursing bras: 
When I had Noa the best nursing bras I had were from mamas&papas at €40 for two. They were really comfortable and great quality so the price wasn't too much to me. But....
In primarks new maternity range they have these amazing nursing bras... Exact same as what I had before and €12 for both!!!! Sizes were limited so I could only get two but I will be back for more!! 

Again Primark! 

Baby bits:
It is very hard to judge sizes on what to bring in your bag for baby! Kyle was born 6lb11oz and all his newborn bits fit like a glove! Noa Belle was born 8lb6oz and all her new born bits were too small!!! 
New born goes up to 7lb8oz in next so I went for the "up to 1month" this time as it goes up to 10lbs and I would rather baby grows a little too big than too small like they were for Noa Belle! 

Toiletries are all usual bits! But my must have toiletries were for sure multi mam compresses....!!! Lifesavers for breast feeding!! And sore nipples. Johnsons breast pads. If your boobs are on the smaller side these are absolutely perfect! I'm a B and these git so comfortably! Last but not least essential was Carmex... This pregnancy has made my lips so dry and carmex is another lifesaver on that front. I also threw in some dry shampoo just incase I may not be able to wash my hair! 
The most important bit for me to put into my hospital bag was two little gifts from the baby to her big brother and sister... Just something small about €20 but I think it's a lovely idea and makes the day they meet her a little bit about them too. 

So hopefully I haven't forgetten anything and if I have that's what husbands are for ;) 
Now just to wait for her arrival.... 

Thanks for reading and please share away! 
Lots of love